Thursday, July 28, 2011

Becoming a Camp Stitcher

Ah... the air is sweet, the sky is calm and the bug bites are minimal... there is nothing like camping in the modern world. I remember the days (not so long ago mind you) when pitching a tent and filling an air mattress for a chilly nights sleep in a bag that may or may not hold creepy, crawlers and feeling thankful for wool socks. Those were delightful days and my children love remembering the real camping experience.


Now, I love camping even more... snuggled up on a nice comfy mattress with real sheets and quilts and a night light to read or stitch in comfort. This is all part of the new camping adventures that come complete with a lengthy camper, slide-out for roomy dining away from biting bugs and air conditioning for a brief respit from the extra warm sunny afternoons... the table has plenty of room for my Singer and the latest quilting/stitching project I begin while my husband is off fishing for the evening meal.

Yes, this is how camping should be... not saying the archaic method is bad, I just prefer my mattress fluffy and comfy when I awake... the more years I spend on this earth I am suprised at how dang hard and rough the mountain ground is... must be an age thing, I dunno it just seems I enjoy the camping adventure more and more...

Love this beautiful land God created for our enjoyment... and I plan on enjoying it more and more each season... 

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