Sunday, January 30, 2011

To plant or not to plant

sugarbeets that is... American sugarbeet growers are still waiting for the decision from the USDA - plant conventional beet seed or Roundup Ready seed... the battle is ongoing with alot of speculation throughout the media... even though it is still winter, planning for the upcoming growing season is still unresolved... the madness surrounding this drama sets the stage for frustration and impatience, at least for this editor (writing about agriculture for a publication) ... and then to my amazement I am reminded of the tenacity and resolve that is imbedded in the agriculture industry, more specifically those men, women and young people who make an honorable living in agriculture.

I recently attended a conference where university experts presented their research to sugarbeet growers... those attending the conference came to learn better methods for growing their crops, they came with open minds and patient hearts to gain understanding and share friendships... gratefully I was able to visit with many of them and hear their stories about how they will continue to farm despite the setbacks and tremendous changes in their plans. Their hearts are positive, they know what is important and they have not given up on their livelihood... this experience confirms my belief and admiration in the agriculture industry... as Americans we must continue to support and encourage our American farmers and their families...

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